1. The person who rents the car agree signing this contract that the car is in perfect technical conditions

2. The days schedule is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The renter must pay the equivalent of an extra days rent in case the vehicle is returned later than of the day the present contract ends.

3. Full cover insurance will be applied. Exceptions: all kind of personal value left inside the car, the car key, broken windows and wheels

4. Only the person who rented the car is aloud to drive it .More drivers are possible to include with extra charge. In case, that a not authorised person drives the car, all possible damages caused to the car, any person or objects the renter will be fully responsible for this, as the insurance don’t cover this damages.

5. Dangerous driving, driving drunken or under drugs/medicaments influence are not covered by the insurance.

6. In all cases mentioned before, International Smiley Cars S.L., reserves the right to cancel at any time without further advice the contract and to collect the car.

7. In case that the authorised driving person will get any traffic denounce, h will be obliged to inform, to bring and to pay the traffic denounce immediately to the office of Smiley Cars S.L. In case the driver don’t inform immediately the office of Smiley Cars S.L all taxes, delete interest on the original denounce must be paid by the renter also in his own country.

8. The client must pay for any repairs not authorized by International Smiley Cars S.L.

9 .Taxi fares not authorized by International Smiley Cars S.L will be on account of customers.

10. Extension of hire: The renting station must be advised of extension of hire before the contract terminates, so that the insurance cover may be extended by time.

11. In case of accident the hirer has no right to the substitution of another vehicle or any reimbursement of money.

12. The use of the rented vehicle for competitive events or for the transport of dangerous articles or illegal commerce is prohibited. The renter will be responsible for any sanctions imposed upon him or the car to the infraction of rules.